The New SEO for 2012

I find one of the most stimulating activities to listen to various authors outside of the Internet marketing space. I read up on much of the work that Peter Gruber had done and recently purchased his book, which to me, parallels a myriad of the new SEO that is falling into place.  In order to be successful, especially in today’s hyper competitive environment, companies need to tell their story.  Not just in a fact and figures modality, but in an emotionally convincing and participatory environment. That why the new SEO, especially in 2012, needs to be active SEO, and by that I mean social.  Not Social media, but web channels engagement.

Creating a program, product, system, service, or whatever we end up doing in life, sometimes becomes it’s own elusive ghost, as the “right now” thing that is of value to our world.  But I think back to when we started our company for Local Internet Marketing in NJ.  We didn’t know what eventually was going to happen and how long we would take to get there, but by experimenting and pushing through, slowly, the processes, people and customers are showing up in droves. Today we know how it works and we know we can get our customers to meet their marketing goals by setting up and acting upon highly thought out and time tested,  local internet marketing strategies.

Same can be said for the next steps that will give our company the EXCUSE to take the larger path to a greater destination.  We are going to now figure out the “new”  hard stuff and  push through and see where we can go to “poke the box” with what is possible to really make a significant impact on a larger scale. This is change in habitual behavior that has been holding us back  to providing greater value to more people.   Predictable behavior,  it’s way too boring.  Proactive new experiences will be the only way to grow in offering the intelligence of a wider viewpoint.  A measure of value to this new “offensive unpredictable” needs to be part of the company, to build up the process.

So to that end:

Coffy Group is proud to announce that will provide new video channel or what is now dubbed “new media” in the upcoming release of our new website property called: That Marketing Show  It’s truly an exciting period of time to engage with a whole new set of circumstances to better our value to our community and our friends and followers. We begin to start taping our first episodes this week and plan for production to start and launch in October.  We will be interviewing and hearing the stories of real life marketers from across the country and the globe.  We will find out how they providing value to their customers in order to build their own personal brands and let them tell the stories of how they got there and where they are going.  We look forward to updating everyone once the launch date is set and hope you find this as exciting as we do to launch this new web channel of engagement.


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